Guided meditations

Guided Meditations by glenn harrold

Glenn Harrold is one of the world’s most successful hypnotherapists. He has helped thousands including many celebrities in a 20-year-career and has sold over 10 million hypnosis CDs, MP3 downloads and Apps.

His hypnosis, meditation and mindfulness audio titles continue to reach millions of people on Amazon, iTunes, Audible, The Apple App Store, Google Play App store, Spotify and many other audio platforms.

His mega App, Relax & Sleep Well, has become one of the world’s biggest grossing self-help Apps for iPhone and Android. This App has been downloaded over 3 million times and on the App Store it has reached number 1 in the lifestyle chart in over 50 countries.

Glenn has written self-help books for Orion in the UK and McGraw Hill in the USA, and has produced hypnosis audios for BBC Audiobooks, Orion Publishing and Diviniti Publishing. His seventh book, The Answer (Orion Publishing) was released in January 2012 (Hardback) and September 2013 (Paperback) and the audiobook was released in March 2012.

Glenn’s first four Orion Books, De-Stress Your Life, Look Young Live Longer, Lose Weight Now and Sleep Well Every Night are being re-issued by Orion in January 2019.

Glenn Harrold has been kind enough to give us 3 (excludes ‘Meditation for Inner Wisdom’) of their free meditations to trial out in our Dreampods. If you choose to listen to one for your float session, any feedback you have will be greatly appreciated.

Each meditation goes for 20-30 minutes with the remainder of your 60 minute float sessions filled with silence and some calming sounds in the last 5 minutes. You can preview the meditations or check out Glenns website via the buttons below.