Floatation therapy provides a deep state of relaxation that stimulates blood flow throughout the body’s tissues, releases natural endorphins, and the brain gives out alpha and theta waves associated with relaxation and meditation. We want you to have an amazing, comfortable, clean and safe experience with us at Float House and request that you be aware of and agree to the following information and policies.

Our floatation pods use:

·       Pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts.

·       Natural enzymes and non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products.

·       Hydrogen peroxide, 35% concentration (food grade).

·       Chlorine.

·       Ultraviolet sterilization system.

Float Terms

I warrant that, and agree to ensure that, the Participant:

1.     will not use the facilities under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including any prescription drugs causing drowsiness or unconsciousness);

2.     does not have any communicable or infectious skin condition, disorder or diseases, large cuts, open sores or wounds;

3.     will shower thoroughly at the facility before entering the floatation pod, ensuring all oils, creams, or makeup is removed from the body. After exiting the floatation pod the Participant must shower thoroughly to rinse the salt from the hair and body;

4.     does not have a kidney disease;

5.     does not suffer from epilepsy or chronic heart disease or, if they do, their use of floatation tanks has been approved by a medical physician in writing;

6.     is not pregnant and does not have diabetes, or their use of floatation tanks has been approved by a medical physician;

7.     does not have a condition and is not medicated in any manner which may be adversely affected by deep relaxation and/or immersion in a magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt) water solution, or by entering a floatation tank;

8.     will not use the floatation pod if they have incontinence, and will not voluntarily/involuntarily release bodily fluids of any kind while inside the floatation tank;

9.     has not:

a.     had any chemical processing or permanent dye of my hair within the past 2 weeks;

b.     had my hair subject to Keratin treatment in the last 4 weeks;

c.     used any Henna products in the last 4 weeks;

d.     used spray, lotion or any other fake tanning products in the past 7 days;

e.   have no semi-permanent dyes still in my hair

10.  is not currently menstruating;

11.  currently does not have hair extensions;

12.  understands that shaving or waxing 24hrs before entering the floatation pod can sting or irritate your skin from the salt water;

13.  Is not currently cytotoxic and will not use the floatation pod whilst undergoing any cytotoxic treatment (e.g. Chemotherapy). I will check with their medical physician to see how long they must wait until they are no longer cytotoxic.

14.  will use great caution while entering and exiting the floatation pod and the entire time they are in the facility. I understand there is a risk of wet and slippery surfaces; and

15.  understands that the floatation pod solution is not discarded/drained between each float, but is filtered, sanitized and recycled, and that our floatation pods are inspected between every single float.

I understand and agree:

1.     that if the Participant breaches the Float Terms, or otherwise contaminates the water of the floatation pod, I will be financially responsible for draining and replacing the water, Epsom salt and special cleaning services (up to $1,000); and

2.     that if the Participant is under the age of 16 years old, I must supervise the Participant for the duration of their time at the Float House premises.

Cancelation Policy

Please try to give us at least 24hrs notice so we can make the booking available for other customers.

Less than 14hrs notice will incur a $40 fee per person or consume your gift voucher.

Failure to give us any notice (No Show) you will be charged the full value of your booking.

Liability Waiver

The Participant and I have requested that the Participant participate in float tank services and related activities with Mr & Mrs Graham ABN 17 342 868 090, trading as ‘Float House’ (‘Float House’, ‘we’, ‘us’).

I acknowledge and agree that these activities include being submerged in water, within an enclosed space, and are described above in the ‘Information’ (together, the Activities).

In consideration for your agreement to the terms and conditions of this Liability Waiver and Float Terms, Float House agrees to allow the Participant to participate in the Activities.

I acknowledge and agree that the Participant participates in the Activities at their and my risk.

I release Float House and its officers, employees and contractors, the organisers, sponsors, other participants and any other persons involved in the Participant’s participation in the Activities (Releasees) from any demand, claim, or other proceeding in relation to any injury or death or loss or damage to personal property in connection with the Participant’s participation in the Activities, whether or not caused by the negligence of a Releasee.

I agree to indemnify each Releasee in relation to any demand, claim or proceeding that may be brought in connection with the Participant’s participation in the Activities with Float House, including any breach of the Float Terms.

I agree and represent that the Participant has no injuries, physical or mental restrictions, disabilities or predispositions to sickness or injury that may affect their participation in the Activities.

I agree and represent that the Participant is not under the influence of alcohol or any drug that may in any way affect their participation in the Activities, their safety or the safety of others.